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MacMillan Arms focuses on providing for the gunsmithing, firearm, ammo, and other related needs of the local community. We offer a host of unique deals, services, and access not found anywhere else. 

Our goal is to help support your 2nd Amendment right to access both firearms, ammunition, and other products that are currently difficult to come by or not provided elsewhere. 

Contact us today check our inventory on the products you are looking for, for a quote on products or services, or to check to see if we can special order a product for you we don't carry and you can't find anywhere else. 

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Products & Services

  • Ammunition​

  • Firearms (i.e., Rifles, pistols, & shotguns

  • Bullet Proof Vests

  • Gunsmithing

  • NFA Items (All ATF Rules & Regulations Apply)

    • SBRs​

    • Suppressors

    • Full Auto Weapons (LEO & Military Only)

  • Form 1 Kits (All ATF Rules & Regulations Apply)

    • Suppressors​ (Paused for ATF Clarity)

    • SBRs

  • Services for LEO & Military

    • NFA firearm gunsmithing & cleaning

    • NFA firearms sales

    • NFA firearm demos

  • Custom and Semi-Custom Builds

  • Firearm Transfers

  • Special Orders for Firearms & Ammo

  • Cerakote Services

  • Fiber Laser Engraving Services

Custom Work.jpg

Perks & Deals

  • No Ammo Quantity Limits.....ever!

  • All firearm purchases come with:

    • Free gunsmithing (labor only)​

    • First 500 rounds of ammo at dealer cost

  • Layaway available for all firearms

    • Only $500 down​

    • Up to 3 months to pay off 

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