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FORM 1 Suppressor Update

Given the recent changes on what appears to be the ATF's position on Form 1 Suppressors, MacMillan Arms is pausing the sale of Form 1 Suppressors until the ATF provides clarity on exactly how its position has changed and what it's new expectations are, if any. The ATF appears to be targeting companies that sell what is commonly called a "Solvent Trap" kit. MacMillan Arms does not sell these solvent trap kits, we only sell Form 1 Suppressor kits, which means we do not release the parts to a customer until AFTER the ATF approves a customers Form 1 application and gives them written permission to manufacture a suppressor and take possession of the parts.

With that said, MacMillan Arms is a Class 7, SOT 2, which means we are legally allowed by the ATF to manufacture NFA firearms, including suppressors. We have two suppressor models approved by the ATF, which includes the Whisper 22 and the Huckleberry 300. We have a third and fourth that has been submitted for approval, which is the Huckleberry Multi Caliber suppressor and the Huckleberry integrally suppressor barrel, which is directly mounted on and a part of the barrel. The cost of these manufactured suppressors, which is considered a Form 4 by the ATF, will be the same as the Form 1 Suppressor Kit, and will include the same services (i.e., NFA Trust, Digital Fingerprinting, assistance with the Form 4 application process, etc.). The integrally suppressed barrel will be sold as part of our integrally suppressed MAAR rifles we are in the process of manufacturing.

There are only two real differences between the Form 4 and Form 1. A Form 4 means that MacMillan Arms does all of the manufacturing of the suppressor and when the Form 4 is approved by the ATF, the customer simply picks up the suppressor. The second difference is the wait time. According to what I have read about the new eFile for Form 4 Suppressors the wait time is supposed to drop from 10 months for approval to about 4 months. The wait time in the past for an approval of a Form 1 is usually about 60 days. Given what appears to be a change in the ATF's position on Form 1 suppressors, this is likely no longer the case.

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